25 Years Colorado
Walter Laguerre

Walter Laguerre


I’m a self-taught artist by nature. At 6 I improved myself by copying out portraits during 8 years like a faker. I would like to find my own style, I got away from portraits and paper to concentrate on a other material: the glass. I have developed a technique more spontaneous, including collage, various textures, figurative drawing and abstract giving rise to an exhibit (Gallery AURORA), auctions (SATURO SATO (Japan), HOTEL DROUT)…
Little by little, I put aside this art for another one: the music. Presently, I study an Audio Engineer formation while continuing to paint and draw. Convinced that the music and the image are connected and can’t be separated, I work on a project mixing my qualities in drawing and paint with music and video.

#25Colorado design inspiration:
The pair of Colorado boots I designed represents the urban shoe, robust and versatile.
The idea of contrast was the principal reflection of my work.
The iron thread “imprisons” the pair of shoes to remind they always have this urban and robust side.
The material of iron reminisce work material and therefore gives the composition an industrial spirit.
On the other side, sequins complete and cover fully the boots giving them a softer character, more modern and female, and offer a different view of the Colorado silhouette.