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Xenson Znja

Xenson Znja


Xenson Znja is a very popular contemporary artist in East Africa and abroad with exhibitions around the world. Samson Ssenkaaba aka Xenson is a Ugandan Multi-media artist and designer. Xenson graduated from Margaret Trowel School of Art, Makerere University on top of his class with a BIFA first class Honors. Xenson is at the fore front of a youthful Ugandan art scene and gaining a strong international audience. He has participated in numerous workshops, residencies and exhibitions including the Johannesburg Art Fair, Kampala Contemporary Art Festival, World Cultural Forum – Rio Di Janerio-Brazil, Future of Africa Summit Paris-France and a major group exhibition “Africa Now fashioning personhood alongside Wangechu Mutu and JD Ojekeire at Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, USA. Xenson work is collected in many private and public institutions including the Scottish Museum.

About Xenson’s #25colorado design: ‘Sangalyambogo’ (translated as the “Buffaloe’s Horn”)
Xenson’s work is based on rock paintings (Etchings) that are the earliest paintings found on earth of human habitation. They are found in caves in East Africa and are believed to be the earliest forms of graffiti on earth. The rocks are hard surfaces, more like the  CAT Footwear COLORADO surface. This work is part of his ongoing creative work he has entitled the “Bantuffitti” graffiti exhibition. That image on the shoe is “Sangalyambogo” translated as the “Buffaloes Horn”


Graeme Moran

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"Engraving the surface of the boot is a totally original idea – simple yet effective, it creates a unique yet wearable design."

Graeme Moran
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