25 Years Colorado
Lucas Lasnier

Lucas Lasnier


Lucas Lasnier, aka PARBO was born in Mar del Plata and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a graphic designer and visual artist, professions that he has developed as founder Director of KidGaucho.

Lucas is a member of a generation of artists who have taken their talents in art and design environments beyond traditional galleries and commercial contexts. He threw paint on the street in 2001, experimenting first with letters and stencil graffiti, becoming a part of the pioneers in the local street art movement. His performance is expressed in Buenos Aires and in different cities of Latin America and Europe.
The overall simplicity of the characters does not prevent his incredible talent as a versatile artist comes to light. His works show that he is as capable of creating stunningly realistic portraits and provocative installations and murals as developing graphic design influences.
Lucas’s work has been recognized by critics and was published in books and magazines such as Trace Magazine, Juxtapoz and HiFructose.

About his #25colorado design:
It was inspired by youth culture from the 90’s in relation to Rock and Alternative music. Supporting the people that wore the boots and the spirit they represented.