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Benjamin Van Blancke


Benjamin Van Blancke is a graphic artist and illustrator with a diploma from the School of technical Arts in Berlin.
Benjamin has a deep passion for the world of image, architecture and history, and this is the source for much of his inspiration. He transports these elements into his essentially monochrome illustrations where each detail has a particular importance and the results are delicate works mixed with poetry, history and modernity.

Inspiration for his design :
“The Peoria Colorado shoes are a tribute to the very beginning of the brand Caterpillar and its history. Several spots on the shoes feature various points of view of the city of Peoria, where Carterpillar was founded (skylines, town hall, houses, and the very first Caterpillar factory). On each shoe, I drew a portrait of each founder of the brand. Some pretty massive rocks start from the back and fade along the shoes, on their sides. As a reference to the American roots of the brand, I added an eagle and the statue of liberty. Several construction vehicles have also been added to recall the essence of the brand ; originally being a construction equipment. »



James Datlen

Loved By

"The symmetry and illustrative style create a strong aesthetic with the subject and detail cleverly tying in to the brands DNA."

James Datlen
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