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Paledi Segapo

Paledi Segapo

PALSE Founder & Designer

Top 3 Picks

  • The design is wearable and in line with current shoe game trends.
  • Back To The Future

    United Kingdom
    The element of surprise here is strong, the shoe is still recognisable but also given a new perspective and flair.
  • This design is on another level, unseen, fresh and of course wearable yet so artistic.


Paledi Segapo is a global Cat Footwear #earthmover
Born in Soweto, South Africa, he is the founder and designer of South African label PALSE. The brand was founded in 2010 and diversified from menswear to also cater for women in 2013. Segapo is the recipient of Creative Professional of the Year – 2012 iKusasa Awards, and holds a MBL post degree qualification with a dissertation title “Growth Strategies within Fashion Enterprise “. Segapo was also voted African designer of the year 2015 in Tanzanie. Palse has showcased in London, Zurich, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Botswana, to name but a few. The first PALSE flagship store was launched in 2014 in Johannesburg.