25 Years Colorado

Ana Sofia Gonçalves


Ana Sofia Gonçalves was born in Lisbon in 1979 and graduated in Fine Arts – Painting by FBAUL. As an artist, she dedicated her art to childhood memories and creating characters, exposing her work in Trema Gallery. Ana Sofia’s work includes illustration, sculpture and set design. Illustrated books “Princess that came from the moon” and “you want to date me?” were selected for the Biennale Ilustrarte 2009. Collaboration projects include work with Vista Alegre and the Bordallo Pinheiro in the illustration ceramic sardines, a symbol of Lisbon.

About her #25colorado design: ‘Land of Dreams’

It was inspired by adventure and the Island of Pico. The dreams of people and dreams growing around the boots. With the thoughts of family, surfing and art.

James Datlen

Loved By

"What struck me about this was how the boots were taken out of the context of their function yet still depicting the ruggedness and purpose in a really creative way."

James Datlen
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