25 Years Colorado


James Datlen

James Datlen

Buyer at schuh

Top 3 Picks

  • 25Colorado Land of Dreams

    Land of Dreams

    What struck me about this was how the boots were taken out of the context of their function yet still depicting the ruggedness and purpose in a really creative way.
  • I was drawn to the simplicity of these, the artist has successfully created something that is very striking yet still in the realms of functionality as a boot.
  • The symmetry and illustrative style create a strong aesthetic with the subject and detail cleverly tying in to the brands DNA.


James has been at schuh for 13 years, starting out on the shop floor whilst studying graphic design then moving up in to head office to cut his teeth in buying as men’s buying and admin assistant, not to mention maker of the best tea in the land! He then progressed to junior buying going on to where he is now – responsible for men’s formal and casual brands and the product development on private label.