25 Years Colorado
Boris Ponomarev

Boris Ponomarev


Born in the city of Kaluga, Ponomarev began painting at the tender age of five. A year later, the infant reproduced Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ and thus his artistic journey began to take definitive shape.

The young artist progressed from painting on walls at his home to entering numerous municipal art competitions based on the theme of space and aviation, inspired by Kaluga’s most venerated resident, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. As time went on, self-taught Ponomarev sharpened his skills proving to be a versatile artist who could with equal technical proficiency and panache reproduce works of a Great Master and similarly create graffiti masterpieces, the latter leading to the artist winning first place in regional competitions.

Ponomarev’s first commissioning was an advertising campaign for a leading mobile operator in Russia. Encouraged and growing confident with an inherent determination to support his young family, Ponomarev sought to experiment with different mediums to further enrich his work.