25 Years Colorado
Nikos Panagiotarakos

Nikos Panagiotarakos


Nikos “FL1P” Panagiotarakos was born and raised in Athens, Greece.

He studied Advertising and International Business Communications in the UK. Today, he is a coffee shop owner by day and a graffiti street artist by night.

He is always trying to transform the “grey” city scene into something more joyful. Colorful fire hoses, painted traffic lights, stencils and murals can be found throughout the city of Athens.

When he is not holding a spray can in his hand he is either scuba diving in Kea island or playing basketball with his “noisy” friends.

About his #25colorado design:
The “Fire and Ice” camouflage was inspired by the all-terrain character of the Colorado boots pointing to the fact that they were made to dynamically lead the way in nature’s toughest challenges…. through thunders and rain… through deserts or lakes.