25 Years Colorado

Tamara Alves


Tamara Alves (b. 1983) is a Portuguese artist, native from the Algarve and currently based in Lisbon. Inspired by urban life she makes use of supports with multifaceted characteristics – from painting to illustration, from installation to urban art.
Tamara is fascinated by “contextual” art, which is inserted in the world, ignoring conventional places such as museums or galleries, in order to present her works of art in the street or in public spaces.
The work of Tamara Alves represents an erotic view of a contemporary body with the effects of its own limits expanded. Instead of a rational thinking there’s a rough passion, a body-without-organs, a becoming animal, the experienced sensations, “starving histerical naked” (Allen Ginsberg). 
Since 2000 that she has been a part of several projects, group and solo exhibitions and street art interventions.

About her #25colorado design: ‘find what you love and let it kill you’
‘Inspired by something visceral, bold that would want me to feel powerful, passionate and immortal.’