25 Years Colorado

Cassandra Verity Green

United Kingdom

Cassandra Verity Green is a London based fashion designer, working primarily in the accessories and knitwear field. Taking direct inspiration from personal experiences, emotions and memories, her work is a burst of playfulness intertwined with innocence. After graduating from Central Saint Martins, Cassandra received Grazia’s ‘Fashfactor’ award in collaboration with Liberty London. She has gained sponsorship from Spinexpo and Santoni Shanghai whilst being featured in the likes of ELLE, VOGUE, HAPERS BAZAAR, ID and DAZED&CONFUSED. Cassandra lends herself to a bold vivid aesthetic creating fresh and energetic products.

About Cassandra’s #25colorado design: ‘back to the future’
Inspired by what would Cat be in 2500 years? An homage to the past in parallel with looking to the future. Bold, futuristic and dynamic! Could there be a scientific prediction of an ice age encapsulating the earth? How would Cat evolve during this environment?


Paledi Segapo

Loved By

"The element of surprise here is strong, the shoe is still recognisable but also given a new perspective and flair."

Paledi Segapo
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